Pool Rules

Pool and Sport Court Rules & Policies

Facilities, such as the pool and sport courts, are intended to promote the general welfare of the Legendary Run community. The Board of Trustees establishes rules regarding their use to provide safe, fair, and cost-effective utilization. It is the responsibility of each resident to see that these rules are followed in order to maintain a safe pool area for the use and recreation of all. Homeowners are encouraged to use the facilities with care and respect for other residents. Policies related to the use of the pool and sport courts, and all other common property are subject to change at any time by the LRCA Board of Trustees.


Any person utilizing the pool, pool area, Community Center, parking lot, sport courts, tot lot, and/or surrounding common property area does so at his/her own risk. The Legendary Run Community Association, its Trustees, and its contractors are not liable for any lost items, theft, injury, or property damage. Any resident or guest who violates these policies or rules, any posted rules in the pool area, or who creates a safety hazard for others is subject to losing the resident’s pool privileges as determined solely by the Board of Trustees.



Pool Hours

The pool is available for Legendary Run homeowners[1] who are in good standing (current for the past six (6) months with all assessments and fully compliant with all rules and covenants), immediate family members, and their guests from the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day.

On school (New Richmond) days, the pool opens at 12 noon. On non-school days, the pool opens at 10:30 a.m. The pool closes at 8:30 p.m. unless closed earlier because of adverse weather condition(s), health concern, safety issue, and/or to allow for a community event setup.

Pool Admission

All residents are required to sign in at the pool entrance to monitor usage. A PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED.

A resident must always accompany guests.

At any one time, there is a limit of four (4) guests per household on weekends and holidays. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Pool Manager on duty after considering the overall occupancy of the pool area.

Pool Policies

Many aspects of the pool’s operation are mandated by the Ohio Revised Code. The Pool Manager and the Lifeguards are present to ensure compliance with those mandates and the safety of all. They are the authority of all activities that take place in the pool and pool area and have the authority to remove anyone who is not compliant with written rules or verbal instructions. Police assistance will be requested if necessary.

Parents are always required to maintain supervision and discipline of their children. The pool is not to be considered a babysitting service for children and grandchildren.

For the main pool, follow the parental supervision policy below. For purposes of this policy, an adult is defined as someone 18 years of age or older.

Children Age 4 or younger Children Age 5 to 10 Children Age 11 or older
An adult must accompany the child whenever and wherever the child is in the main pool. Provided the child can swim, an adult must always be in the pool area. [2] The child may be present in the pool and pool area without an adult.[3]   The child may bring 2 guests to the pool provided each is at least 11 years of age.

The wading pool is for children ages five (5) and younger. The supervision and safeguarding of users of the wading pool are the sole responsibilities of the parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

The pool may be closed at the discretion of the Pool Manager and/or Lifeguard when one or more of the following conditions exists:

  • Inclement weather – There will be a sign posted on the entrance gate. One Lifeguard will be at the pool until 6:00 p.m. on such days. The pool will close the remainder of the day at 6:00 p.m. if the weather is still unsuitable for swimming.
  • The air temperature is less than 68 F.
  • There is a health or safety issue.
  • A community event requires set-up.

No private parties or functions (except children’s parties) can be held at the pool unless approved in advance by the Board of Trustees. All children’s parties (birthday, sports teams, etc.) may be approved for a $25 fee at the discretion of the pool management contractor (Cincinnati Pool Management) provided that the party will not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the pool by residents. A Pool Party Reservation Form must be filled out by the homeowner and approved by the Lifeguard staff at least 48 hours in advance of the children’s party. A pool party includes the use of the pool only, not the Community Center.

Proper swim attire shall always be worn in the pool. (Cut-off jeans and other street clothes are prohibited.) Infants must wear swimming attire and be wearing rubber pants while in the pool. NO CLOTH OR DISPOSABLE DIAPERS. “Swim diapers” are permitted (these are diapers strictly designed for a 1-time use and are disposable.) Changing tables for infants are available in the restroom facilities.

Lockers are not available. Residents and guests are advised not to bring valuables to the pool.

The pool will be cleared of all children (17 years and younger) once every hour for a period of ten minutes. Lifeguards will not be on duty during this period or be responsible during announced break periods.

Restrooms are shared with users of the Community Center.

Pool Safety Rules

  1. Glass containers are not permitted in or around the pool area.
  2. No eating or drinking is allowed on the pool deck. Eating and drinking are permitted at the tables.
  3. Pets are not permitted in or around the pool area. (Service animals are exempt.)
  4. Do not use the pool if you have or suspect you have diarrhea; an infectious or communicable disease; and/or open wound.
  5. Running, pushing, rough horseplay, or tossing objects are not permitted in the pool area.
  6. Profanity or harassment of any kind is not permitted.
  7. Absolutely NO DIVING is permitted.
  8. Pool furniture must not be removed from the pool area.
  9. Flotation aids and other pool toys are allowed at the discretion of the Lifeguards according to pool usage and conditions.
  10. Portable audio devices may be used at a reasonable volume. The audio, however, may not contain offensive language, profanity, or explicit references. Be considerate of other pool users and/or nearby residents. The pool staff has sole authority over determining the use and volume of audio devices.
  11. Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards are not permitted inside the pool area.
  12. The pool, pool entrance, and adjacent areas are smoke-free zones. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, will only be permitted outside the gated pool area. A smoking receptacle has been provided for your convenience.
  13. Large trash receptacles are available for proper disposal of cans, paper materials, dirty diapers, etc.
  14. Please use the proper containers provided for cigarette butts, trash etc.
  15. All accidents should be immediately reported to the Pool Manager or Lifeguard on duty.


Then call Property Manager at 513-874-3737

Sport Courts

The two hard-surface sport courts can accommodate both tennis and pickleball.

The courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Court usage is limited to one hour if other players are waiting to play.

Glass containers are not permitted on the courts.

The sport courts are smoke-free zones.


A squeegee is provided to remove any surface water.

Revised March 18, 2019

[1] Should a homeowner lease their home on a long-term (6 months or more) basis, the leasee’s family may use the pool but the homeowner forfeits their rights to use the pool.

[2] A swimming skill test may also be required of any child as deemed necessary by the Pool Manager and/or Lifeguard.

[3] This privilege may be withdrawn by a Lifeguard at any time if a child misbehaves or performs unsafe acts. Also, a swimming skill test may also be required if deemed necessary by the Pool Manager and/or Lifeguard.