Home Safety Tips

Safety Tips:

The following pages will enhance your safety and security awareness and provide positive actions to secure you home and neighborhood.


What images enter your mind when you hear the word “suspicious”?  What does it mean to be or to look suspicious?  Everyone has a different idea and perception of what this means.  According to Bakersfield Police Department, “suspicious” refers “generally, anyone who seems slightly ‘out of place’ in your area, or the time of day may be considered suspicious, and possibly indicate criminal activity”. Suspicious behavior may include the following actions:

  • Unfamiliar persons loitering in your neighborhood (around schools, parks, businesses, homes, etc.
  • Non-resident entering someone’s house or building
  • Jumping a fence into a yard or private property
  • Waiting in front of a house when owners are gone
  • Peering into vehicles or attempting to open it
  • Entering or leaving a business after hours
  • Soliciting door to door, refusing to present identification or business license
  • Soliciting door to door and mentioning other neighbors names during a sales pitch
  • Forcing entry or tampering with doors and windows of vehicles, businesses, or residence
  • Running while holding something of value
  • Slow moving vehicles circling the block
  • Unfamiliar parked vehicles, especially when someone’s in them
  • A person expressing oneself uncontrollably as if controlled by substance abuse
  • Unusual noises, screams, glass breaking, barking dogs, etc.

If you see a crime being committed, or the victim of a crime, or observe suspicious activity, report it immediately and accurately.  Do not assume someone else has called the police.  Do not hesitate – even a five minute delay in reporting can greatly reduce the chance of catching the criminal.  Think of what could happen if you don’t act.  WRITE IT DOWN!!!

Write down everything you can remember.  It is very easy to get things mixed up or forget details—especially if you were the victim.  Be exact as possible and avoid guessing.  Wrong information is worse than no information at all.  Keep the following description of persons and vehicles handy where you can find it if needed.