Delineation of Responsibility

The following chart is a quick guide to the various responsibilities within the Legendary Run Community. For those homeowners that belong to a Sub-Association, there may be considerable variation in how some services are handled.  Please check with your individual Sub-Association for specific details.

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Legendary Community Association Sub-Association Home Owner Pierce Township Clermont County Other
Landscape Planting – Yards Generally Responsible If No Sub- Assn
Landscape Planting – Street Trees Responsible
Landscape Planting – Community Space Responsible



Landscape Maintenance – Yards Generally Responsible If No Sub- Assn



Landscape Maintenance – Street Trees Responsible



Landscape Maintenance – Entrance Plantings Responsible



Landscape Maintenance – Berms and Mounds Responsible



Landscape Maintenance – Swim Pool & Tennis Courts Responsible



Landscape Maintenance – Green Space Responsible Some Areas in Sub-Assn



Landscape Maintenance – Conservation Easement Responsible



Snow Removal – Driveways Generally Responsible If No Sub- Assn



Snow Removal – Community Areas Responsible



Snow Removal – Roads & Streets  Responsible  Responsible



Mailboxes Responsible

Street Lights



Some – not large, main lights  Duke Energy
Landscape Lighting – Common Areas Responsible
Landscape Lighting – Common Areas Responsible



Landscape Lighting – Yards Responsible



Entrance Signs Responsible



Street Signs Responsible  Responsible (if not LR logo sign)



Traffic & Stop Signs Responsible



Irrigation – Common Areas Responsible



Irrigation – Yards Responsible



Hiker/Biker Trail Responsible
Fences Responsible Responsible(Own yard)
Swim & Tennis Facilities Responsible
Community Center Responsible
Architecture & Landscape Design Review Required Required Possible Zoning Required Possible Permit Required 
Golf Course & Clubhouse



Legendary Run Golf Course